Tuesday, July 3, 2007

yars holidays is coming to and end le ... tmr is the first day of sch yea ! haha
for the last few weeks i haven't updated my blog mann lols .so sorry ! i'm really busy mann haha ... lol
heres a short preview of what i have done for the last few days

fri 29june-0720 (1st 6 week) class outing -when to huijie house, played pool, audition, table tennis and lots more haha then 7.00PM when back to nanyang with pamela hujie annis huiting terence weiliang shiqi adeline to celebrate XINYING's b'dae AFTER THAT we still go and watch movie at plaza.. watched fantastic 4 . dam disappointed the movie is like only an hour mann but the content is quite nice la :( movie ended at 10.30PM we thought still quite early so when to sit at BK chit-CHAtted till 11.45pm ...took last train... reached home le i still play frozen throne untill 3plus leh OMG haha can't tahan le ... finally went to bed ...ZZZ

sat -nothin special -rotting at home

sun-went FISHING with (my mother side relatives) at ECP
fished till noon .. hahas caught 10++fishes lol not bad ba haha
i was also quite baked after that ... sunburnt...agonized skin
reached home -very tired but nvr nap -went to lan gamed warcraft cs battlefield.. initially wanted to game for 2 hours but ended up playing 3 hours lol---reached home again at 8 den woah ! saw a green grass snake (abt 45cm) at the car park -1st time i have seen a snake at HOUGANG ... so HOUGANGRIANS pls beware XXX

MON 2july!-went out with HaZeL EuNiCe JaSoN to HP and pooled for ...around 2 hours ?
we had some fun and enjoyed the last bit b4 sch reopens

tuesday! today - morning run with hazel and eunice ...ran about 4km did some exercises den studied with them till 12-had chinese compre (thought it was 1 hour thank god it was 30mins)- - - - went out with amos KM jiarong to AMK hub to watch transformer... !

thats all folks ^^ for what i have done for the past few days ..
looking forward for tmr's ODAC TRAINING!!! hahas
yea all the best to u guys for your mid yr results yea ! take care