Friday, August 3, 2007

ah haven been blogging for a long time le lols now heres a oppotunity for me to blog again yea ! for the past few weeks i have taken part in some big event like the mizuno wave run and project sandcastle. hmm forgetten if there is more a not ? hahas
Recently really packed with lots of stuff. My life is like filled with ODAC trainings, proposal s, tuition, HW,test, damn PROJECTWORK,ndp rehearsal,etc ya and thats it . wa really got no life mann hmm but this is just the start of everthing! .just recieved Promos timetable last week ,so really gtta MUG ! also told that trialthon training will come after promos so waHHH proposal planning again . hah nvm should look on the brighter side .2 years of jc life is a short span of time .gonna treasure this 2 yrs to gain as much experience as possible .i'm sure that jc life will also be the most memorable part of my life hmm so ya i'm gonna endure it !