Sunday, June 14, 2009


Yesteeday was klass outyng at me hSE N kudos! It was a mEmoABLE and suCCissful 1 HAHAzz. @ abt syx, almost aberione turned up exSAP 4 a feW whoM had some commitments( cant blame them) at least dey turned UPS even its neering 9 LOLS . Had loadSSs of fun bye doing stupyd stuffs...REEL Stupyd--->LYKE DIS, N loads of ketCHyng-UP with eaCH oDour, YEAH! GuYs do expac more class outings in dey fEATUre and look forward 2 YT.

Friday, April 10, 2009

a peek at my current life

Ahh... finally i'm here again to post abt some recent updates abt my life. sorry blog is really dead (i know i kNOW!) yeah haha... i will try to update post when i'm free during weekends kkz.

hmm my NS vocation now is SISPEC( SCHOOL OF INFANTRY SPECIALIST) which includes 8 weeks of BSLC( Basic section leader course) and if i'm not posted out i will continue on with 13 weeks of ASLC( Advance section leader course). After which, if i'm qualified enough i maybe posted to OCS or otherwise i will be posted to either BMTC or GUARDS as a 3rd sergeant. Moving on, basically after 3 weeks of BSLC, i surmised that SISPEC is abt training one to be a leader of 6 men thus we are really drilled in physical fitness and knowledge. Daily, we do physical exercise like 3km morning run and CCR (combat conditioning run) with SBO like twice a week. On the knowledge part, woah its really like a repetition of A levels mann. WE NEED TO FUCKING MUG!!! We gotta MUG on really thick books on radio, signals, navigation, weapon manual and training & safety regulations. And given the extreme tight training schedule, we do not have much time to self study so most of the test are really based on how much u have absored during the lectures or its just down to hard luck... ok shall move on to something more exciting now hah!

Last sat, i went fishing with jr kwek amos and kwek's bro. hmm, actually quite reluctant to wake up so early but nevertheless on the thought that i had not met kwek and jr for quite some time, i struggled to wake up. Cycled to east coast with amos, we meet up with kwek and jr at bedok jetty. yup, fishing was quite mundane we waited for hours yet to just caught few small tiomans...lols. the exciting moment came when it started to rain heavily. alrights, the pics below will explain further.

ok i guess thats abt it! good luck to jy kwek and Wm who are enlisting tmr! looking forward to another fishing trip with 0713 guys tmr^^

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

a BOTAK soldier ^^

Ah!...finally the long awaited 8 jan has reached! get prepared for my enlistment day i got my hair shaved off first as a kickstart for NS.hopefully my enthusiasm will sail me throught NS life smoothly. alright heres a few photos i took just hours before enlisting haha.enjoy!
liu yi dao?
me and jason

credits:this is the guy(my cousin)who did the shaving^^

Thursday, December 11, 2008

south korea trip!

hey guys! haven been blogging for a super long time haha...been to south korea for holiday recently and heres a short post on it! hope u'll enjoy these pictures!