Monday, June 11, 2007

haiya its june holidays leh !!!... wth like no holidays like that ...soooooo packed with all sort of stuffs!

SO many homework yet so little time to do!
SO much to study yet no drive to study!!
SO much outings yet so many crashed on the same day ...wa piang [ sian ]squared!!!
SO much things to complete but still dunno where to start off with !!!!!
aiya! wat a holiday... how i wish we dun have a holiday or have a holiday which IS a HOLIDAY!

i guess u guys reading also share the same sentimental as me rite ?

the goal i set for myself to blog everyday has alr failed loh lol i haven been blogging for 2 to 3 days i think lol ... finally tonight got time to blog . i guess what my seniors' complain abt "JC life" is true ba ... now that i am experiencing it . to think abt last year june holidays, even though its o-level year but i can still like almost go out everyday la with my friends ! here's photos of my sec 4 friends !


thats my class ! SHUAI GE and CHIO BUs !