Wednesday, June 6, 2007

-niTe study at mac -

arrrooggghhh tired(-:::-) eunice hazel and jason went nite studying today ! haha actually its today and yesterday because we started yesterday night around 11++ .before we went to study at mac (kovan) ya .SIS was helping me to set up this blog ,yea thanks to her finally got it done haha ! hazel and jason were alr lying on my sofa slping lolx while we were blogging. TIRED, we still carry on with the nite study haha .At around 1 plus we went to"24 hour" HONGKONG RESTAURANT in kovan mrt to have our late nite supper.woah! at one plus there is still quite a number of people in the restaurant. we ordered many sumptous food like beef pasta,cheese backed rice with fish fillet,chicken chop pasta..and oh ya! sis ordered a set meal of mee which costs her 6 bucks.the mee doesn't look as though it worth $6 costs it's like maggie mee ya and the ingredients tasted like CANNED food!however, all in all, other than sis, we were very satisfied with the food and it costs us only $40.80!after that , we went back to mac to chat untill 3am then continued to study till 5am.2 hours flew past quickly i only did 2 math questions.then, we went home.sis was so shacked!she was "sleepwalking" all the way to the busstop.5.15 am we reached the busstop, we realised bus service hasnt started .sian!!! hazel and sis end up at my house, jason went back.hazel amazingly was quite energetic, sis was so tired that few minutes after she got into my room, she was already slping soundly zZZ !both stayed at my house still 6am then we bid farewell ^^

i want to slp!!!-[6am]

smiles-^^-npcc gals

our 1am breakfast-: sinful!

only i can "tahan"! haha -[4am]
-3 down 1 survived-